Recorded most of a song then realized bass line didn’t work in chorus. Rewrote and recorded new bass line. Realized that with new bass line, now the guitar line doesn’t work. Rewriting guitar line. 97% chance that when guitar line is done, we will find that the drum tracks don’t work. This will of course lead to a rewrite of the lyrics, melody, and language. I look forward to eventually singing this song in Swedish.

Don’t lay a finger on me lyrics

Tried to track vocals but evidently I listen to too many singers from Ireland. I am somehow unable to sing the lyric “morning” without saying “maarnin” and sounding like a leprechaun. It’s funny the first 5 times, really frustrating the next 5 attempts, then exasperatingly funny every time after that.

It could be a mental block. Or it could just be that this song is magically delicious.

A vocoder is much less work than building a choir of robots. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it becoming self-aware and plotting your demise.

Tracking bass tonight with Sir Colin. Mean mugging is necessary to achieve the desired amount of Rock.

Batman vs. Superman: A Very Short Film

"Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" - I fail to see how Batman (or anyone) can defeat Superman other than by using Bat-kryptonite. Well, I suppose he could defeat him by destroying the sun, but that seems ultimately counterproductive.

It comes down to how badly Batman wants to beat Superman. Is it “destroy the center of our solar system” bad? Cause there is a “Bat-SunAnnihillator” somewhere on his utility belt. Or is it just “bragging rights” bad?

It’s a crazy world we live in when the future of our planet hinges on whether Batman has had his cup of coffee in the morning.

I should probably get back to work now.

The Berninator fine tuning some synths in the studio today. Or playing a video game. I’m not totally sure.